Why I love Halloween

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I have been thinking recently about why I love Halloween so much. I have always loved horror, monsters, and scary stuff. It love cool weather and I love candy. But mainly, I think it all stems from the fact there was never enough food at home when I was a kid. Halloween was my time to get to eat as much as I wanted. Even though candy is horrible for you, it’s when I never went around hungry. I can’t believe I never put two together before. I was aways happiest in October, always happiest wrapped in something dark, something scary. It made me feel in control, made me feel like I was powerful.

My little brother is very talented and he made the tracksuit pictured in this photo.


Skeleton Hoodie and Pants for Tweenster by Shark Outfitters
Unseen Veil – Black Hell by The White Crow (At the Neo-Japan Event)
Dura Boy 88 Hair
Ronin Boots – X-Ray Edition by Rebellion
Skelly Hands for Tweenster by Joker’s Asylum (Meshmerized)
Mist Cloud – Heavenly Blue by ANC

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