Where the sun descends alone

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Roxette – Fading Like A Flower

„In a time
Where the sun descends alone
I ran a long, long way from home
To find a heart that’s made of stone

I will try
I just need a little time
To get your face right out of my mind
To see the world through different eyes

Tell me why
When I scream, there’s no reply
When I reach out, there’s nothing to find
When I sleep, I break down and cry“

Where the sun descends alone

Titans – Timeless Memento Arch – The Liaison Collaborative
More Infos and Productpic on FlickR

The Liaison Collaborative TP

Titans – The Dryad Tree
Titans – The Timber Spirit – Acorn Hanging Lantern

Titatns Mainstore

[Teegle] „Fable“ the Unicorn
CINNAMON Teegle base coat – White Pearl

Teegle MainstoreCinnamon Mainstore

TLG – Glam Poppies Gold Halloween

The Looking Glass Mainstore

HEXtraordinary Shoulder Dragon – Moonstone
HEXtraordinary Blackbird Gryphon – Perching
HEXtraordinary Snowy Owl – Flying
HEXtraordinary Chestnut Pegasus Pony (Nesting) – RARE

HEXtraordinary Mainstore

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