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Bob Ross lied and they’re not happy accidents but, in fact, mistakes?

Horses are really land seahorses?

Danny is actually Grump, and Aaron is really Not-So-Grump?

I never catch ’em all?

I’m not getting any bigger, but everyone else is getting smaller?

What if eating boogers is the cure for Corona virus and no one has tried it?

The tooth fairy is using my baby teeth to clone an army of super Arties?

I get reincarnated when I die? Would I have to call it my Third Life?

My parents only send me to bed early so they can play my Switch?

Netflix and Chill is secret code for something else?

Slender Man just wants hugs?

Adult avatars are actually to scale, and kid avatars are actually super tiny?

Nah, that last one is crazy.

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