TweenStar Look 6: Formal

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TweenStar/AviStar concluded yesterday after a six hour event, and I am thrilled to stay that I won this year. This year was so much fun and I’ve come away with a couple of new friends. The cherry on top was scoring the highest among all the competitors, in YoungStar and AviStar as well. Kid avatars have a lot fewer resources to work with, so scoring well is my way of helping to show kid avatars can really do a lot with what little we have!

I am a little sad because this one of the few competitions I can do, and I think am better at doing this than blogging. I really like thinking about movement and posing, and how they can help transform a look. Hopefully I can be involved in some way in the future.

I am starting my blog posts about the finale with my last look, the formal challenge. Last year there were no formal meshes easily available, and now there are quite a few, and if you get creative, you can piece something together other meshes. But I was lucky enough to debut a new formal mesh for tweenster by Inspire. They make a lot of good meshes for tweenster, and many of the new ones are modifiable, which opens up lots of possibilities.

It’s not available yet, but it will be out in the next two weeks at the latest.


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