TweenStar Look 4: Title Challenge

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This was the fourth look for TweenStar, and by far my favorite look to put together. However, getting a blazer with a t-shirt and shorts was pretty difficult, so I had to get creative. I hid the waist line of the baggy shorts full perm and alpha blended it with the top parts of the belted suit full perm to make this little school uniform.

I represented The X-Mansion from the Marvel Universe and, more specifically, The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Wolverine and the X-Men is probably one of my favorite comic books because it focuses on Wolverine being the headmaster of the new school. The style is also very punkish, which is so me. Although this character below is an original idea, I based his style off of Kid Omega, Quentin Quire.

I love X-Men because it’s always been an allegory for civil rights struggles in America and the world, and focuses on self empowerment, acceptance, and individuality. What’s not to love!


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