TweenStar Look 3: Olympics

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I am going a little out of order here because I have to complete my photo challenge based on Look 2, so I’ll post the Olympic challenge today. This morning I walked my third look for TweenStar 2020. The Olympics were postponed to 2021, but it was a lot of fun to think about creating a sports look.

In real life, I was never really into sports except for table tennis. I did swim competitively as a child and did pretty well, but I never liked competing. However, table tennis was the only sport I really loved. Maybe it’s because I spent so much of my life South Korea where table tennis is serious business. I got pretty good there, but as many of you probably don’t know, the joints in my hands were predominately damaged and it’s made any actively with my hands a major challenge. Music was my main passion and career, and that loss was a huge tragedy for me, but ever four years when I watch Olympic table tennis, I wonder what could have been.


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