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Although I have already been officially accepted into the TweenStar competition as MR SL ♛ Forgotten Realms, I decided to walk the runway for the second audition. Our challenge was to create a colorful summer streetwear look without using any black in our clothing. We were suppose to research current trends, after looking at the popular looks for kids, I knew I had to include some plaid as it seems to be really popular with youth designers right now. Also, I wanted to work with wider pant legs because those are also in fashion with kids, too. For my first draft, I came up with this…

First Draft

I thought a lot of it was good, but ultimately I knew I should include the plaid on top, and galaxy is so 2017. We were supposed to be colorful, but I think this was too all over the place. I did, however, love the shorts and decided to include it in my second draft.

Second Draft

I really liked this look. It was perfect. I took it to some pose store and noticed some clipping above the left lower back. Some good poses managed to hide it. I picked out about 10 that would work, loaded my modeling AO, put on natural light, and then to my horror noticed clipping on the right lower back. It didn’t go away. It was always there, I just didn’t see it. It was right where two of the plaid colors interest, so in darker light I never noticed it.

I was so bummed. The silhouette of was perfect, so I thought I needed to start over. The top works with very few summer appropriate bottoms. The only shorts I knew that worked were the ones in Kenzie’s polka dot outfit, but I was sure they were not full perm. I was wrong…

Final Runway Look

I am pretty happy with it. It’s colorful, current, and pretty me even though there’s not any black.


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