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Today I had my audition for TweenStar 2020, and this is my first look for the competition, which lasts through the end of August. Since the shutdown and after blogging for Fantasy Faire, this is what I’ve been looking forward to most all year in SL.

I’ve also got the final of FashIcon coming up too; I am really excited to be the only child avatar to get scores to qualify for the finale. I got fourth in October, third in November, second in December, and second again in March. All the scores are going to be wiped clean for the finale. I didn’t place in January, and that is the only post that got lost when I switched my theme, but Strawberry Linden did reblog it so it’s still preserved out there.

These contests are a lot of fun and are great way to push yourself as a blogger, even though these looks are presented in-world to an audience. Styling is not the only part, but also posing live. I find getting my props and accessories to move correctly can be a huge pain, but it so much fun when all comes together and works out. Since this is a live event, I also like to think about my look from all angles. I try to add a few surprises and details on the back or in unaccepted places.

I feel like I’ve gotten a little lazy on this blog recently, so TweenStar and FashIcon will be a great way to force myself to slow and really finish polished looks.

Our theme was summer activities, and I styled for a day at the beach. My three favorite things about the beach are swimming, skating on the boardwalk, and the food! This look represents all three. I also colors work well. The teal and the pink look nice together.

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