"To make peace a reality…………………………….."

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One of my resolutions… was to write in my blog. All of my pictures have emotion attached to them in some way… making my blog a bit of a personal journal but using pictures instead of words to express what I’m going through. Though, I’d like to add a bit of a written element in the future. 
This photo for me is an expression of the dark desires and thoughts that have been pushing me to make my decisions as of late…… some rash, some chaotic, and some with a touch of sanity.
To make peace a reality…..we have to choose where our lines are…where our reality of what the moral natures of our being means….and then act upon these decisions… or perhaps not act at all…but in the end striving for peace….
Though, for some, peace is a never ending stream of chaos………
Hopefully, I can explain what I mean by my pictures through words more often in the time ahead. 
Pose: CKey Poses – Gianni (pose 5) at the Man Cave Event
Shirt: Clef de Peau – Harness Sweater at the Man Cave Event
Bat: [The Forge] Ruiner Bat at the Mainframe Event
Pants: Gabriel – Strap Sweat Pants (White)
Hair: WINGS – ON1111

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