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It’s really cool to see Wizards of the Coast, publishers of Dungeons and Dragons, update the way they portray typically “evil” races in the game. Having inherently evil races stems from RL racism and is, to honest, lazy storytelling and DMing.

Orcs and Drow are almost always portrayed as evil. Although, the whole alignment system is already being phased out, as you can decide to portray your character however you want, many DMs might not let you play as a Drow, and some may even be opposed to you playing them as good. Drow are known as “evil” elves or dark elves, and only a subgroup, the followers of Eilistraee, are supposed to be good. Orcs are seen as savage and depicted as inherently violent. Tieflings are humans whose distant relatives made a deal with a Devil many generations ago. This deal gave them and their descendants magic, but it also drastically changes the way the look. Tieflings have horns, tails, and demonic skin tones. When one walks into a tavern, everyone hushes. They are often made to be the scapegoat.

With the discourse changing on how we talk about and depict real and fictional races in media, it’s good to see a company like WoC start a conversation.


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