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Hey guys!. Now we only have a few more days before Midnight Order closes ( on the 20th of Feb), so get your skates on and grab yourselves some awesome stuff, like the Sabien Outfit by AsteroidBox ( The Owner of which posed with me for this pic! Thanks Leith! ^^). This outfit is so customizable and comes with so many color combo’s aswell as the details all hand drawn x.x. We have this cool cape by Salem too, and I love the pattern on it. Very neat. Next we have these really amazing spear-like prop’s by Val’More. They are animated and move to different poses or you can chose one and keep them there. Color combo’s abound too, and nicely animated patterns that swirl around each blade. In the background we have Contraption’s fountain decor, which is also at Midnight Order, very classy and modern. So good.

Teleport to Midnight Order



 Anxiety – Dragonlords hall


 Contraption – Decor: Neudamm Deco Fountain ( Midnight Order feb’21)

           Val’More – DeathBlade ( Midnight Order feb’21)



Hair: theMars – Kendrick

Ears: Haro – Pointy Ears

Face makeup: The White Crow – Undead FULL ( Midnight order feb ’21)

Horns/Forhead bindi: VALKYR – Azael Horns



Real Evil – Mythical Beasts Rings ( TMD feb ’21)



Salem – Apostle Cape ( Midnight Order feb ’21)

AsteroidBox – Sabien Outfit ( Midnight Order feb ’21)


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