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Hey guys!. Well, I am quite happy with how this turned out!. Strange way the title and character came about, but it was my guy Leith who named it a Bullet Magician. Just randomly said it as he was unintentionally groping my avatar, that he had a ‘thing’ for Bullet Magicians. And I just thought it was an amazing name ahah. So this blog is dedicated to Leith! :3. 

SO. What makes a Bullet Magician?. Lotsa shells and bullets of course!. And you can see some amazing items from L’emporio&PL with this theme – The glorious bracer’s, and the hat. Also the middle ring which you can just about see. You can get these from MoM this round. We have a wonderful tattoo by Vegas tattoo called Bushi, which is at Uber right now. And lastly we have this cool asf floating elemental rock by Deadboy ink. Smooth animations and swirling lights make this a cool addition to any Magician’s inventory!. 

Teleport to MoM

Teleport to Uber

Teleport to Deadboy Ink




Tropix – Terror on the train.


 Ueponya – SAC 9mm Bullet prop

                                          [SSOC Pro] 9mm Bullet Drop Type B




Hair: Contraption & Raven Bell – Deck Captains Hat & Hair// Deck Captains Hair Wispy B

Ears: Random Matter – Serrated Ears torn.

Claws: CerberusXing – Essential Dirty Claws

Facial Scar: HANZ – Bruises Marston

Eyes: Gloom –  Insta collection.

Tattoo: Vegas tattoo – Bushi



Valentine – Devil Slayer Pistol.

DeadBoy Ink – Black Crystal Kaihatsu

L’emporio&PL – Bullet Bracers ( MOM December ’20)

                         Bullet Top Hat

                         GunDrum Ring

DRD – Bullets belt male ( Old item ).



Ascend – Ryer Cargo Trousers. 


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