Summer is Coming..

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Outfit: BAKABOO – Summer Jersey and Shorts at Main Store

Pups: NOXTURNAL – Dire pups at The Final Winter Event June’19

Backdrop: TM CREATION – Caribbean Dream at Dubai Event May’19

Palm Trees: LITTLE BRANCH – Palm Trees at The Final Winter Event June’19

Sunglasses: REBELLION – Diamonde Shades at Main Store

Beard: FUOEY – Arcangel at Dubai Event May’19

Sleeves: NOCHE – Robyn arm Sleeves at Main Store

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CREDIT Bracelet: CODEX (Marketplace . Facebook . Flickr) Yuma Bracelet @ Man Cave August 17th – September 11th Necklace: CODEX (Marketplace . Facebook . Flickr) Yuma Necklace @ Men Only Monthly August 20th – September 15th


CREDIT Skin: STRAY DOG (Marketplace . Facebook . Flickr) MR.WICK (Catwa Tone 03, Tone 04, Tone 05) @ Man Cave August 17th – September 11th Eyes: Aurealis Beauty – Hunger Eyes Shade #6

self service

Underwear: NOCHE – Max underwear (optional wear style) Backpack: Vale Koer – Technical Backpack Arm wraps: Matova – Ramses Arm Wraps Skin: Clef de Peau Pose: Cordeaux – Dentrote ascolta il tuo cuore (modified) Laundromat: VARONIS – After Dark: Laundromat …
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