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Welp, I finally got another Midnight order post out!. Some more fabulous items here, including the arms by Cubic Cherry, the body scars which almost resemble gills, are by Persephone. The cool asf eyepatch by Garmonbozia too!. Still more items to come though and grab the LM to go have a lookie for yourself. Other items we have here are once more by Cubic Cherry – the face tattoo which has some wonderful texturing and thats at The Warehouse Sale Event right now. ( Close up below!).

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 BH9 – Redemption Room


 Random Matter – Star Bodies/ Scorpio. 




Hair: tram – G0106 hair

Ears: CerberusXing – Sceleratis Ears.

Horns: :[P]: Luciferan Horns

Face makeup: Cubic Cherry – Exarchic Cryst ( The Warehouse Sale jan ’21)

Arms: Cubic Cherry – Tartarus arms ( Midnight Order jan ’21)

Body wounds: Persephone – Nereida [Bleeding] ( Midnight Order Jan ’21)

Tail: ATOMIC – Tail Chain – Scorpio.



Garmonbozia – Tenebra Eye Patch ( Midnight Order Jan ’21)

AsteroidBox – Scorpion Chains ( No longer available).


( Close up of that detailed face tattoo by Cubic Cherry and the Garmonbozia eyepatch which is so cool)

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