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I really enjoyed putting this months FashIcon Challenge together. While I favor horror and fantasy over Science Fiction, I really enjoy SciFi. I think when it comes down to it, I’d rather my SciFi looks to be completely original over inspired from a particular franchise. Although I originally set out to stylize “Son of Mothra,” I ended up making a Na’vi child from the Avatar franchise. I think the Na’vi are visually striking, but I will be honest, I have no passion for Avatar. Ultimately, I liked my look in the end and the art shots I got were a lot of fun to take.

Arti Love-McKenna was inspired by the film Avatar and has stylized a Na’vi child. Hailing from the moon Pandora, the Na’vi are closely connected to nature and are skilled hunters. Although they are not as technologically advanced as humans, they’re fierce, and even the children are capable of defending their homeword.


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