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SO!. Midnight Order is now open guys, and let me tell you there are some absolutely fantastic items at this event. Like for instance, this amazing outfit by Thirst – called the Baron Vest – the detailing is superb and has some really nice color options. It some with some pants too. We have this rather dastardly tongue by Deadboy. So much detail and texturing in this thing. We also have the make-up by TF, who are one of my newest sponsors!. So shout out to them. Also, we have from Badwolf, this rather fetching cross piercings which is also at Midnight Order. ( Please see close up below for better view of the tongue, the makeup and the piercing!). I also have another new sponsor – Random Matter – and you can see some of their stuff in this picture! Like the amazing fireplace and candles, and the Radio cabinet. I love it. 

Teleport to Midnight Order

Teleport to Random Matter



 Anxiety – Quebec Hall


 Astralia – Damascus Sofa

          Random Matter – Radio Cabinet BLK RARE// Antique Shop II Gatcha

             Oil Lamp // Antique Shop II Gatcha

          Random Matter – Fireplace Black – by the Fireside Gatcha. Garland & Candles.

        Antinatural – Doctor Crow Cane. 




Hair: Vango – Issac

Ears: CerberusXing – Sceleratis Ears.

Horns: :[P]: – Kii Horns 

Face makeup & eyes: TF – Helviti ( Midnight Order jan ’21)

Veins: TF – Mort Veins with Eye Shading. 

Tongue: DeadBoy – Darknia Tongue ( Midnight Order jan 21′)



Badwolf – Memento Mori Piercing ( Midnight Order jan 21′)

Kartel – Ewan Bento rings



Thirst – The Baron Vest With Shirt & Trousers ( Midnight Order jan ’21)


(Close up of the cool piercing by Badwolf, and the tongue by Deadboy, and the dark makeup by TF – all at Midnight Order. )


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