Orcs Can Be Heroes Too!

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Why do I fight for them when they hate us? Sometimes I ask the same question, but the humans fear us for their reasons too. I can only follow my own code, to fight for what I think is right! Human, orc, elf, tiefling! I’d fight for or against any that I need to.

My village has shunned me, the humans have shunned me. But I hear whisperings of a place where humans and orcs live together. Where humans, elves, dwarves, tieflings, and even haflings live together. Once I slay this necromancer, I am going to make my way up north to this Neverwinter I’ve heard so much about.

Maybe there I can finally find a place to call home?



Knight of Narnia Outfit – Tweenster – by Meshmerized
Genus Head – Baby Face
Miko Shin Do – Skin 7 by MudSkin
Stone Dragon Mask by Consortium
Modulus – Alfie Hair
Orc Teeth – Bas by Eldritch
Sophie Eyes by euphoric
Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala
The Grand Preceptor Sword – Lava by Fallen Arms
Orc Shield by PFC
Leephima 4k Mesh Castle Cave

Flickr post: https://www.flickr.com/photos/169532134@N04/48693376323/in/dateposted-public/

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