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Pouch: MONKEYGirl (Flickr) Dagashi Pouch – KOMAINU @ NEO-Japan March 28th – April 19th

Scooter: Culprit (Marketplace . Flickr) Kabuto Scooter Almighty @ NEO-Japan March 28th – April 19th

Takoyaki Set: TAIKOU (MarketplaceFlickr . Facebook) Tako Plushie, Takoyaki Portable Stove, Takoyaki Stall Lamp, Takoyaki Stall, Takoyaki Togo Box @ NEO-Japan March 28th – April 19th

Plushie: TAIKOU (MarketplaceFlickr . Facebook) Tora Chonk Plushies (Group Gift) @ mainstore

Bracelet: ROZOREGALIA (Blog . Marketplace . Flickr . Twitter) Agatha Bracelet @ NEO-Japan March 28th – April 19th

Hair: DURA (Blog . Marketplace . Flickr) B100 Hair @ NEO-Japan March 28th – April 19th

Skin: VENDETTA Skin (Marketplace . Flickr) TAKEO Skin (Catwa . LeLUTKA / T1 . T3) @ NEO-Japan March 28th – April 19th

Jeans: Kalback (Marketplace . Flickr) Casual Jeans Ripped M2 @ Man Cave March 17th – April 11th

Glasses: HXNOR – Blue Superior Glasses @ mainstore

T-Shirt: NOCHE – Kahlil tucked Shirt (Grey) @ mainstore

Shoes: L&B – Swear Old School (Geralt . Gianni . Jake . Slink) @ Men only Monthly March 20th – April 15th

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Credits Hev Outfit (Top, Jacket, Slacks & Loafers) by David Heather Hovik Necklace by by amias punkt rings by BOYS TO THE BONE Backdrop:  April Group Gift 2020 by MINIMAL Hair:  Noah by Vango Head:  Skyler by Lelutka Body: Jake by Belleza ...

Fragments of the future……………………………….

The gentle warmth of the cobalt sparks that surround him... makes his eyes glimmer with fragments of the future, yet to be beheld before his eyes. Whether it brings blood or not...He seeks it all the same.Credits: Hair: Modulus - Ma...

TD – Travel Guys…

 Treized Designs: Guy 1… "TD" Traveler v2 Men_Shirt & Backpack. ►100%Original Mesh. ►Hud Control 37 textures Shirt / Backpack. ►Compatible with Legacy - Slink - Belleza - Gianni - Geralt. ►This Product contains an unrigged version of the ...

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