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Car: Indulge Automotive Group (Marketplace . Flickr . Facebook) 2020 C9 GENONE @ Men only Monthly March 20th – April 15th

Jeans: Kalback (Marketplace . Flickr) Casual Jeans Ripped M2 @ Man Cave March 17th – April 11th

Glasses: AUREALIS – (Marketplace . Flickr . Instagram . Facebook) Stalkr Glasses @ mainstore

Jacket: Ascend – Urban High Collar Jacket (Black) @ TMD March 5th – March 29th

Tattoo: DAPPA – Josei Tattoo (BoM . Belleza . Legacy . Maitreya . Signature . Slink . Omega) @ ACCESSCamShopping‘ (Website . Facebook . Instagram) March 12th – April 8th

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TD – Travel Guys…

 Treized Designs: Guy 1… "TD" Traveler v2 Men_Shirt & Backpack. ►100%Original Mesh. ►Hud Control 37 textures Shirt / Backpack. ►Compatible with Legacy - Slink - Belleza - Gianni - Geralt. ►This Product contains an unrigged version of the ...

But tonight, let me invite you……..

Credits: Hair: WINGS – TZ0906 Hair , at Manly Arena Event September 10th to October 3rd, 2020. Tattoo: DAPPA – Kalzium , at mainstore. Outfit: THIRST – Sterling Harnessed Shirt/Trouser , at Man Cave Event September 17th to...

Twisted between galaxies………………………..

Twisted between galaxies...There's an evil you can't place.Only the universe's warm light,allows even a glint,to appear,on this face of darkness...Credits: Harness: Legal Insanity - Men Body Harness at Whore CoutureInk: Vegas Tattoo - Fragmentatio...

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