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No Idols

STRAY DOG Ian Lelutka Applier Skin for Man Cave
Lelutka Guy Mesh Head
Darkyn Dover Shapes Jonah Shape en Marketplace
ANDORE Dunkelheit Mesh Ears for Man Cave
WINGS TZ0224 Hair for Man Cave
Madame Noir Tony Eyes for MOM
Vegas Tattoo Summoining for MOM
Kalback Basic Tank for Man Cave
Volkstone Stubble Beard

Ana Poses Bologna 2

Localización de la foto en Urban Jungle

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Swank Event – Florence…

Exclusive for Swank Event Nov 20.Swank Home & Garden: Bricolage:Florence Living Room. Link: Swank Event InWorld.  

Bright Nights

Who needs gloves when we’ve got hot chocolate? Who needs the sun when we’ve these string lights everywhere? One thing I love about this time of year, is how beautiful the nights can be. That and the simple pleasures of warming your hands on hot chocolate or coffee in a paper cup. Credits INSPIRE Boy’s […]

#358.- De paso..

Head : Skyler Head - LelutkaShape : Damian Shape - Holfe StoreHair : B89 hair - DuraShirt : Mike Shirt - Erauqs @ AccessBackdrop : 2am  backdrop - Taikou Enjambre - De Paso

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