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Event Round #6: 26th September 2020 (Saturday) to 18th October 2020 (Sunday)

– Event Opening Day!
• 9AM SLT : Fashion Show & Party
• 12 Noon SLT – Event Opening Time

Neo-Japan SL Event 26th September 2020
18 Sponsor Designers & 60 Regular Designers

Our bloggers for the next round of NEO-Japan SL are:-

Successful Blogger Applicants :

1 Nel4481 – Purple Leonis
2 aryann0916– Ary
3 norahbrent– Bambi
4 Rin kiyori– Rin
5 super salty– Satan’s Closet
6 Lizzie Mint– Hye Min
7 Malvene– Malvene
8 MaelleAnais-Anais Maelle
9 riwell-Riwell
10 Nekotto♥ Nekotto ♥
11 Niifreya– Serein Jenova | • Harana •
12 Taylor Wassep– Taylor Wassep
13 Yustice-Imperia Abbadon
14 Vivosh☽ .Tae. ☾
15 Jolina Portilo-상우
16 pockypanda – panda
17 iiijanaiii-Yana Nightwish
18 Lukorange-Novata SL
19 soulcrack3r-MEN- DATORY
20 Schutzjr-ᴍᴜʀᴅᴏᴄᴋ
21 iozi Wasp – iozi wasp
22ricardo9009– Leon Miranda
23 luchofull-Luis Whitlock
24 Ful Macchi-Fulvio Macchi
25 wassaabii-Lord Wasabi
26 l68l68-✞Takeo Tanaka✞
27 munintyrson-Sora F. Aurelia
28 hnrq2015-Victor Belikov
29 Xuro – Xuro
30 edumetal lavarock – ✠Edumetal Lavarock✠
31 Anouk A. (anoukanna)– Anouk A
32 サニー千葉 (kedama) – Kedama / Sunny Chiba
33 kanatan.abramovic – kanatan Abramovic
34 Lizu Melody– LiZu Melody

R5 photo contest winners + 10 special invites…

R5 Photo Contest Winners

1st Kai Wirsing-Kai Wirsing
2nd Varutina-Eyes Kirschtaria
3rd Timaaj-T E E J ✿
4th Lisapia-‣ʟ ɪ s ᴀ
5th Hunkaa-╠╣K ä •ㅅ•
6th Ruethie-Rue
7th Littlebearstarr-Bear Starr
8th Opalelily-Opale Lily
9th KirraFrantic-Kirra Frantic
10th Marlboroxx-Marlboro x-x
11th Gentlemonsterr-..: Gentle Monster :..
12th Wolvern Barbosa-Wolvern Vilkas
13th Novocain Puddles-Mιѕтєr Ɲoνocαιɴ
14th Ayako Silverfall-Ayako Silverfall
15th Aoi Ichibara-Aoi Ichibara
16th Marino Sandalwood– Marino Sandalwood
17th Jaqcuis– Jaqcuis Encargues
18th Chickadee Tremor-Chickadee

Special Invitations from photo contest participants

1 Tralala Loordes– Tralala Loordes
2 sch511– Razor Cure
3 Ticha31– Ticha
4 Ai Kiyori– Magician XIII
5 joezavala– Joe Zavala
6 anekawa– ⓣⓞⓤⓚⓞ
7 Argyxia– Damien Crow
8 Tyrus Olbers – Thespis Clay
9 Darkyn Dover – Darkyn Dover Darkyn
10 Migan Forder – Migan Forder

For those who did not make it, please try again for the next round! and for those who are not in the group will be invited in the next few days 🙂

***Please take note, if you do not receive the group invitation by the 20th September, please contact me (Hikaru Enimo) and if you message me after the event open or a day before, you will not be invited anymore.
Neo-Japan Event Links:


Flickr Group:

Facebook Page:


Neo Japan SL Discord

Takuya Jinn – Founder
Hikaru Enimo – Founder/Blogger Manager
Marcus Lefevre – Webmaster
moon Ling – Designer Liaison

Picture by T E E J ✿

Graphic by Marcusgay Lefevre – Enimo

via Hikaru Enimo

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