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cap:   MAJESTY    Lion Tribute Leather cap [black]
shirt:   E.Storm    Mens Tank Top OK-style Dark
arm band:   [CX]    Spiked Fury-black
glove:   //Ascend//    Trevor Bento Glove – Black
bag:   BETRAYAL    MUSTARD Dex Bag
pant:   Legal Insanity    Chester mustard tartan baggy pant

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Who are we………

♛ LOTD: 168



My I Have This Dance – Part 2

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CREDIT Mask: Native Urban (Marketplace . Facebook . Flickr) Silk Mask @ TMD January 5th – January 31st Gown: GILD (Blog . Flickr . Instagram) Xanadu Gown (Geralt . Gianni . […]

Birds Of Prey

Suddenly lost inside a fantasy Everything not quite what it seems to be Slipping and falling through the looking glass Catching a glimpse at all that lies behind the masks Credits Mask / Harness / Tee / Wings / Pants:  Bird Of Prey gacha by RIOT (The Epiphany) (January 15th – February 5th) Bento Crystal Nails … More Birds Of Prey
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