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Volkstone Roman Skin for Man Cave
Volkstone Rustic Beard for Equal10
Lelutka Skyler Mesh Head
Swallow Gauged Ears
TWC Oroud Septum
[Deadboy Ink] Scar of Ekli
MESHMAFIA Anarchy Face Tattoo
[kunst] Kyle Cuffs for Kustom9
[kunst] Cigar
TonkTastic Lennon Shirt
[Carol G] Samurai Male Tattoo
WRONG Off Gacha 5

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LOTD # 110

::GB:: Steampunk Suit - Available @ 

Or perhaps you seek something darker…………

His deceiving glare gazes over your eyes...wickedly delving into the corners of your soul.What do you hide in the depths of that hand you're holding?Is it the desire to withdraw power from those around you,Or perhaps you seek something darker.............

Forget Myself

Credits Cargo Strapped Denim & Mark G Sneakers by Gabriel (The Signature Event) (September 11th – 21st) Law Glasses by LA PERLA (The Men & Women Jail) (September 10th – 30th) Septum & Nose Piercing by ExalteD (The Men & Women Jail) (September 10th – 30th) Tattoo: Play by ONE 2K (The Men & Women Jail) … More Forget Myself

via EXPeDieNTe-SL

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