L’Homme Magazine SL 6th Anniversary Issue August 2020

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L’Homme Magazine SL 6th Anniversary

Six years ago, I sat at my desk and deliberated for days before reaching my decision to commit to the world of publishing, and from then on L’Homme Magazine has become who I am in Second Life. I am lucky to have met the best designers, creators, photographers, models, and staff whilst working on this magazine, and we have formed a mutual understanding and trust over the years, supporting each other’s work and visions towards the growth in men’s fashion in our virtual world. Thank you for your support. It has been a wonderful journey to this day and I hope many years to come.

We would like to introduce you to all of the designer features and editorials that we have this round, self-producing most of the editorials and featured designers, with the incredible help of highly talented photographers, models, stylists. A big THANK YOU for all of them, as well as for the teams responsible for the submitted works.

In this issue also, we publish the NEO-JAPAN Designers that will join us for next round in September/October 2020. They will be receiving official notecard in the next few days.

Information on how the cover come about and list of designers that taking part in the group gifts for this issue, in the Editor note and many more in the magazine for you to enjoy.

The L’Homme Magazine SL Giveaways ends this Saturday , 8th August , @ 2.30pm SLT. Please join the discord server and click to the giveaways channel. Here is your chance to win one of those prizes.

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Cover: Hikaru Enimo – Editor in Chief , L’Homme Magazine SL
Photographer: Skip Staheli

via Hikaru Enimo

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