Let there be Light – Editing Practice


I know I am not the best photographer and photo editor. I know I need to get better at setting up my shots in world, as well as editing them afterwards. When I first started blogging and posting my photos from SL, I only did raw photography. I also never set out to do this blog for anyone but myself. I just wanted to do something fun in SL and blogging seemed really cool. Suddenly, I got interest and sponsors. I did blogging for charity events, for an eye creator, and of course Tweenster. Before I even did any fashion blogging, I did exclusively fantasy looks. I just have seen what a lot of the really good photographers can do, and I’d like to bring this blog to the next level.

Ah!! I have so much to learn, but I look forward to the challenge. I do like blogging for events and sponsors, but I think I need to focus on artist side of blogging again. Let’s see where 2021 takes us.


via Arti Love

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