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  • Fireplace (with candles/cones):  Fapple – Holly Jolly Bean Bag Gacha – Candle Heart (RARE gacha)
  • Reindeer advent:  Fapple – Holly Jolly Bean Bag Gacha – Deer Calendar (gacha)
  • Hanging stockings: Fapple – Holly Jolly Bean Bag Gacha – Christmas Stockings (gacha)
  • Reindeer beanbag:  Fapple – Holly Jolly Bean Bag Gacha – Rudolf Bean Bag (RARE gacha)
  • Santa beanbag:  Fapple – Holly Jolly Bean Bag Gacha – Santa Bean Bag (RARE gacha)
  • Sidetable with milk/cookies:  Fapple – Holly Jolly Bean Bag Gacha – Milk and Cookies (gacha)
  • Tree rug:  Fapple – Holly Jolly Bean Bag Gacha – Tree Rug (gacha)
  • Standing lamp: Fapple – Alexander Set – Alexander Standing Lamp
  • Word blocks: Fapple – The Rodion Gacha – Letter Cubes SAFE WORD (gacha)
  • Framed art: Fapple – Bondage Bistro Set – Bistro Art 2
  • Spanking guide: Fapple – The Rodion Gacha – The Spanking Guide (gacha)
  • Vase: Fapple – Closet of D Set – Vase with twigs
  • Christmas trees: Sese – Winter Ice Rink – Christmas Tree
  • Reindeer doggo: Rezz Room – Pomeranian Reindeer (Animesh Companion) @ Santa Inc (December 2019)

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