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I remember when I first got my kid avatar, I was really disappointed in the selection of rigged footwear for Tweenster. I still think the very best example remains Liva’s My old Trekking Kids Sandals. They’re easy to accessorize, textured to perfection, and lots of fun. Like most kids, I get unrigged shoes that were originally designed and sized for adults.

One of my top 5 favorite creators is Rebellion! They make some of the best shoes on the grid, as well as eyewear, accessories, and adult clothing. The creator, Kavon Chrome, is a nice guy, super supportive of members in his Flickr group, and a great help if you’re having any problems with his products.

I am impressed with how diverse his collection is, particularly in the shoes. If you need something casual, dressy, punk, or preppy, they have something fun and easy to personalize. Their products usually come with a great texture and resize hud, sometimes giving up to dozens of different combinations.

My new favorite are these Rampage Kicks. They come in 10 colors with 3 different metal textures…

Give Rebellion’s in-world store a look and join the group because there are often huge sales.


Hair: Action Mesh Hair Sid Overdose
Eyes: Izzie’s – Horror Eyes
Face: [POUT!] ‘The Pain within’ FX make up (unavailable)
Wings: ::: B@R ::: Chain Devil B-Wings
Tails: !Boneworks! > Spade Tail
Hands: Meshmerized xJAx – Skelly hands
Arms: .:HBU:. Checkerd Knotted WristWrap
Shirt: Meshmerized Tankshirt
Pants: Meshmerized Capris

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