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Engine Room has reached its half way point guys, and theres still plenty of time to knab some really awesome goodies. Like AsteroidBox’s Albian shirt. I had the amazing privilege to watch Leith in action as he created this amazing attire. So many details and so many options you are spoiled for choice!. The next item is Reliquary’s Outlaw Tea set which is so so neat!. This comes with its own animations, and triggers where you can pour yourself a new tea, splash hot tea in an enemies face, and do a casual sip and stir with the spoon. Its glorious!. We have a very fetching top hat by Q&C, lovely detailed specs by Air annnd some very cool cog eyes from Lilithium – see close up below!. 

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 DiMi’s Bag – Steampunk Backdrop 


 Reliquary – The outlaw’s tea set ( engine room march-april ’21)



Hair: Raven Bell – Sides Style A1

Ears: Haro – Pointy ears

Horns: The White Crow – Evilish horns

Eyes: LILITHIUM – Eyes Vol II ( Engine Room mar-april ’21)

Facial Scars: TF – Antikrist & Linea



Quills & Curiosities – TimeKeeper top hat ( Engine Room mar-april ’21)

Air – Etienne F glasses/ Silver ( Engine Room Mar-april ’21)

AsteroidBox – Caelum Collar

Gabriel – Dark Crow Stole



AsteroidBox – Albian Shirt ( Engine Room mar-april ’21)

Contraption – Deck Crew Jodhpurs


Close up of those cool eyes from Lilithium and a better look at the Quills and Curiosity hat.


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