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  • Fireplace:  Ariskea – Carnation – Fireplace Closed
  • Clock: Ariskea – Carnation – Vintage Clock
  • Window frame: Ariskea – Carnation – Windows Decor
  • Pear plant: Ariskea – Carnation – Pear Jar Decor
  • Hello Autumn: Ariskea – Dakota – Hello Autumn frame
  • Box crate: Ariskea – Dairy – Dairy Plank box
  • Wreath: Apple Fall – Pumpkin Harvest Wreath
  • Windmill decor: Kalopsia – Aurelia’s Windmill Decor
  • Wagon wheels: Pixel Mode – Fall Harvest – Wagon Wheels (no longer available in-world)
  • Spilt pumpkins: hive – basket of mini pumpkins
  • Vase with pumpkins: SAYO – Fallen Autumn Set – Foliage Deco
  • Billy ball flowers: West Village by Apple Fall – Billy Ball Stems
  • Magnolia spray: Apple Fall – Magnolia Spray
  • Brass deer: Apple Fall – Woodland Deer
  • Treat platter:  Apple Fall – Treats Platter
  • Coffee and books:  Apple Fall – Coffee To Go
  • Heater: THOR – Buddies Shed – Rusty Heater
  • Kettle: THOR – Buddies Shed – Rustic Kettle
  • Pillows: .THOR – Buddies Shed – Pumpkin / Buddies Shed Pillow
  • Floor pillows: THOR – Buddies Shed – Pillow Seating Nuss
  • Mug: THOR – Buddies Shed – A Cozy Moment – Eggnog Deliver
  • Shed: THOR – Buddies Shed – Buddies Pallet Shed
  • Dog: Rezz Room – Pomeranian (Animesh Companion) @ Equal10 (November 2019)

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