::GB:: Karura gacha@KAGAMI


10.::GB:: Karura Hakama / Kinmon @KAGAMI EVENT

5.::GB:: Karura Geta / Black  @KAGAMI EVENT

2.::GB:: Karura Kata hane  @KAGAMI EVENT

3.::GB:: Karura Mask  @KAGAMI EVENT

  1. ::GB:: Karura tops ( 5 Color) (RARE)  @KAGAMI EVENT

::GB:: Leather Bracer FREE GIFT   @KAGAMI EVENT


15.::GB:: Nenjyu Necklace/ Black (OLD ITEM) @mainstore

Air_Kazura A01_Tail (ADD)_white_CM @mainstore

L’Emporio&PL ::Sagittarius::-LEGACY m(1.1)- Linked- @mainstore

L’Emporio&PL::Errant:: LEGACY m(1.1))-Linked- @mainstore

Vango. Chris@mainstore @mainstore

 [ jintaiya ] *kugutsu  @KAGAMI EVENT

[CX] Kaede Hairpins (Linked) @mainstore


Yasyn – Old Wood Bridge w/suspended amulet of Amabie  @KAGAMI EVENT

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