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Why do I Relay? I think you’d have to look pretty hard to find a person who has not been affected by cancer in some shape or form. My grandmother died two months before I was born from a long battle with colon cancer. I never knew her, but I feel she was the most like me in my entire family. She was a musician, a writer, and an artist. She fought for causes she believed in. And above all, she didn’t take crap from any of the other people in my family.

I wish I knew her. I wish I could have met her once. I have never been close with any of my family members, but I felt I would have been close with her. She had thirty, forty years of life taken from her.

There are so many scientific and medical breakthroughs being made every day, and I truly believe that within my lifetime we can make a significant blow to this disease. I’d like every kid to be able to know their grandparents. Causes like Relay for Life give hope to so many people, and more importantly, the drive and momentum we need to finally win this fight.

I have to say, I am so impressed with Jeanette’s Joint! I think all of her items are placed in the Relay vendors, so she is contributing all of her items for the charity. That’s super cool of her. The collection of Core Stalker Skins is a lot of fun, like most of Jeanette’s stuff. Jeanette’s Joint skins are very comparable for the Tweenster Mesh body; most of her skins work seamlessly with Tweenster as they don’t include too many muscles. I would suggest both girls and boys use the male skins, as they are the most compatible for Tweenster.

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Core Stalker Skin – Lenox/male by Jeanette’s Joint at Lunafae of the Fantasy Faire

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Cassiopeia at Fantasy Faire


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