Its been a hectic few days for me IRL so apologies for the lack thereof posting. I had this really silly and kinda lame idea of having ‘fangirls’ following their idol through public spaces. And thanks to Marketplace, I was able to purchase several few NPC meshes that fit the bill of the fangirls. Aha!. Also thanks to this stunning Subway backdrop by Paleto which is at Access right now ( See alternative below). The jacket I am wearing is so beautiful as usual, and is by Gabriel. It is called tech bomber and is at Equal 10 this round. Materials are great and lovely textures. 
  Paleto – Subway Access ( Access jan ’21)
 Various NPC mesh people from the Marketplace.
Hair: Dura – B101
Ears: Random Matter – Junee Elfie Ears
Claws: Conviction – The Claws V2 solid matte.
Tattoo: Gloom – Intergalacitc Tattoo – Mars.
Face tattoo: LILITHIUM – Brutal Face Tattoo
Horns: CeberbusXing – Mara Horns

Garmonbozia – Tenebra Eye Patch ( Midnight Order jan ’21 NOT OPEN YET)
kartel – Ewan Bento Rings.
Gabriel – Tech Bomber (Equal 10 jan ’21)
Aitui – 1987 Jeans

via //.The Gentleman Crow. //

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