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I was feeling very dark… and this was the result. The new accessories at NEO Japan are fantastic and all of the outfits too. This background really gave exactly the feel I wanted it to create. Hope you guys enjoy.
Headpiece: [CX] Xeno Arc – Silver
Blood: -[TWC]- Nailed to Death -Tears-
Blindfold: -[TWC]- Shitsumei (Black/Gold)
Hair: Raven Bell – Rain
Facial Hair: Mister Razzor – Brock
Outfit: A&Y Inferno Cyber Coat
Mechanical Arm: [ContraptioN] SP1NDL Prosthetic arm
Arm wrap: HARO Urban Ghost Gloves (Left arm)
Arm Tech: :::SOLE::: A-CON Plasma unit Armtech (Black)
Sword: Bauhaus – Unforgiving World – Sword
Pose: WRONG – Set 112 (Pose 113-2)
Backdrop: The Bearded Guy – Subarashi Mirai Series – Bloody Temple
^^All of the above are at NEO Japan now!! Go grab these amazing designer’s creations! ^^
Shoulder Armor: [The Forge] Thracian Pauldron at Mainstore

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