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Hey guys! Mainframe Event is well under way and its a delight in all things cyberpunk and neon!. Plenty of items to come but in this post we have this glorious cyber tail by DeadBoy. This thing comes with soooo many animations. Its great. Plus you can change the way the light pulses and its color. We have smashing new hair by KMH, and this amazingly detailed jacket by Linkrave…ugh…its so nice. And what about this cool asf Diner backdrop by Zone88?, the seats have animations in so you can sit in it and have a burger! Or ya know…deal some illegal cyber substances >.>. Ahem. 

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  Zone88 – The Steak Hole Diner ( mainframe jan ’21)


 TWC – Blackened Blood Cup

           TWC – Death Supply -Blood-, Hazard, Poison, Banana



Hair: KMH – Hair CP006 ( Mainframe jan ’21)

Ears: CerberusXing – Sceleratis Ears

Claws: Conviction – The Claws V2 solid matte.

Horns: The Rotting Lab – Cybernetik Horns



 Deadboy – Futura Cybertail ( Mainframe jan 21′)

kartel – Ewan Bento Rings.



Linkrave – Typhoon Breaker ( Mainframe jan 21)


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LOTD ♛ 307 ♛

#480 Warm Kitchen

#480 Warm Kitchen

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LOTD ♛ 307 ♛

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