Hair: Ragnarok by Adoness Choker: Sex Choker by Boys to the Bone Stole: Luxurious Fur Stole by aii Horns: Crystal Horns by Artificial Hallucination Corset: Crystal Corset by Artificial [...]

Van Gogh

  BAKABOO / Bakaboo – Baka Suit 2 and Pants – L’Homme (Add Me) (unpacked) Tableau Vivant \\ Kyou addon (L) – Naturals II Kei’s Still Life Cuddles (easel) !Six [...]

Baggage claim

Something New Props & Poses / **SN~ Travelling Sisters @ POSEFAIR event Vango. Alex :::Breath::::ohsamu coordinate BlankLine Jeans002 [JetBlack] Backdrop Pseudo- Baggage Claim Scene // [...]

The cave

BIRTH / -Birth- ‘Blood Splatter’ Catwa Applier @ Swank event *Birth* ‘Maverick’ Catwa Applier – 02. Tone *Birth* ‘Selection’ Catwa Eyebrow Applier @ [...]

Doll Parts

I am doll eyes, doll mouth, doll legs I am doll arms, big veins, dog bait Yeah, they really want you They really want you, they really do Yeah, they really want you They really want you, and I do [...]


ALANTORI / ALANTORI – Stockholm Outfit for Men Junk Food Store / Junk Food – Christmas Snowboard @ Snowbound Hunt *Dura-Boy*60(Sienna) Backdrop Y.B Landscapes / Y.B skybox mesh [...]