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My Pain

MAN CAVE @ AprilNew release3color - For Slink / Signatuer / Belleza body[Gild] Short tank with long loop_brownmaps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Match/131/123/46 Motorcycle : V.M.Dark Knight - EVOVix Motors Store - Motorcycles - Chopp...

[Gild] In UltraEvent

[Gild] In UltraEvent [Gild] Shirt jk with T_gray [Gild] Diagonal cut sarouel pants_gray Shoes:  [Gild] Espadrilles_blue Landmark UltraEventGild LandmarkFlickr Perssseo Resident 

Ironwood- PARANOIA @ Gild

2color - For Signatuer / Belleza body Dark side free game [Gild] BadHeat jacket_brown bloodstained PARANOIA Gild LandmarkFlickr Perssseo Resident 

¿Dejar irNew release! FaMESHed @ April

3color - For Signatuer / Belleza bodyTop: [Gild] Leather arm loop top with Tank_whitePants: [Gild] Around rope pants_blackwww.fameshed.com Gild LandmarkFlickr Perssseo Resident 

The Darkness

Backdrop: taikou / nighttime bus stop backdrop – taikou @ NEO Hair: Stealthic – Baron – Stealthic @ TMD Face paint:   Mad’ – Sioux FaceTattoo [APPLIERS + Tattoo] – Mad Horns: Air_Yasha (horns)_black+silver_CM* – AIR_Yasha @NEO Stole: ::GB:: Feather stole / Black RARE – GABRIEL Bracelets: .:E.A.Studio:.Wuji Taiji – .:E.A.Studio:. @ NEO Wings: RO – The Gate – Wrought Iron Wings Vendor – SILVER – RO @ NEO […]


 Top: [Gild] Cross loop pullover_flowerPants: [Gild] soft leather easy pants_world Landmark: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spice%20Cove/125/142/3053 Gild Store: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/La%20Baule/182/197/45

[Gild] In UltraEvent & MOM

*[Gild] Shirt jk with T_pink*[Gild] Diagonal cut sarouel pants_pink[Gild] Bird skull top necklace_gold ( MOM Event)*4color - For Slink / Signatuer / Belleza body Landmark UltraEvent: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/YSL%20EXPO/134/109/22 M...

[Gild] in FaMESHed

New release! Event start 2th March, noon   5color - For Slink / Signatuer / Belleza body   Top: [Gild] L/jacket with S/harness Black   FaMESHed landmark : maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FaMESHed/226/144/1001...

[Gild] in FaMESHed

New release! Event start 2th March, noon 5color - For Slink / Signatuer / Belleza body Top: [Gild] L/jacket with S/harness gray  FaMESHed landmark : maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FaMESHed/226/144/1001[Gild]Landmark: maps.s...
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