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Headshots are fun!

I used to do a lot more headshots when I used to have an eye sponsor. I really like focusing one the eyes, probably since my SL avatar and my RL self both have heterochromia. When I was little, I love my heterochromia, but when I got a little older, I used to be annoyed […]

Mr. Fancy Pants

This suit was made for me for the 2019 AviStar competition, however the creator and I both thought it wasn’t quite ready yet. There were some rigging issues, as well as clipping problems and holes in the mesh, but creating this suit eventually led to the formal outfit I wore during the 2020 competition. That […]

Norther Lights

Credits INSPIRE Boys Henley Shirt – White for Tweenster::Static:: Andouiller Antlers – Bone {Birch}Izzie’s Horror EyesSwallow Pixie EarsMack Hair by Raven BellMannequin Skin by Jeannette’s JointPhoto taken at Christmas L...

Inspired by those who came before

I am working on a project that will hopefully benefit The Trevor Project, which serves LGBTQ+ Youth. From homelessness to suicide, to mental health to promoting acceptance, The Trevor Project does a lot to save young people’s lives. I decided to retexture some portraits of various LGBTQ+ icons, people who have spent much of their […]

Midnight Snack

Sponsored Item Tiger Jacket and Track Pants for Tweenster by Tony available at the Boys Room Event Credits Tram I0129 HairHangry – Soda Can – Blue Hangry – Ice Cream Cone V2 – Blueberry Twist Photo taken at Backdro...

Want some Macaroons?

On November 11th, we observe Veteran’s Day in America. However, I have lived overseas for many years, and in Korea and Japan, they have something called Peppero and Pocky Day, respectively. The idea is that the 11/11 looks like four Peppero sticks. In addition to Peppero and Pocky, macaroons, candy, cookies, and other pastries are […]

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and it’s always sad when the Halloween Season comes to an end. Fortunately Halloween 2.0 (also known as Christmas) is coming up in two more months. Sponsored Item Voodoo Outfit for Tweenster by Meshme...

Juice Pouches are the Best

Hydration is key! Here’s hoping that we all have a happy Halloween, but remember to keep hydrated. Call me superstitious, but I’ve always felt Type A gives me more energy throughout the night. Also, it comes in these handy juice pouches now. What a time to be undead! Credits Padded Suit for Tweenster by Meshmerized […]

Good Morning, Sunshine

This wasn’t how I pictured my first year of middle school. I was excited about the new building, moving from classroom to classroom, and meeting new friends. Waking up each day and trying to get myself motivated to in front of a computer screen day after day is really hard, but I’ve been trying to […]