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NTD – Equestria…

Never Totally DeadNTD Ecuries Val Pennac - " Les Ecuries" NTD La Fontaine du Triton FP - " La Fontaine du Triton "Link: InWorld Store   


[Rezz Room] Lion Male Adult for Man Cave[Rezz Room] Pride Rock for Man Cave[Rezz Room] Lion Family (lioness and cup) for Uber[Signature] Gianni Mesh BodyFashionNatic Davide JeansCuCa Designs Male Pose Vol3

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Backdrop: MINIMAL – Subway Station Backdrop Equal10 Event / Mainstore

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Frame: ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Frame B&W 3 Mainstore Frame: ..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Frame Sketch 3 Mainstore Chair:Apple Fall Emily Easy Chair – Diamond CharcoalMainstore Rug: Apple Fall Tribal Print Rug Mainstore Box: Nutmeg. Getaway Frames Gift Mainstore Plant: hive // areca palm plant Mainstore Plant: hive // kentia palm plant II Mainstore Skybox: VARONIS – Vesterbro Skybox… Continue reading

Warmth for the soul……..

Credits: Houseboat: {Your Dreams} Small Boathouse at AccessBoat: B-Made Old Boat at MainstoreCurtains: Pitaya - Flowing Curtains at MainstoreChairs: Trompe Loeil - Mali Lounger at Mainstore----------------------------------------🎧

andika[loisir Dispenser set] @Summerfest ’20 / D-LAB Jet whales @Summerfest ’20

andika[loisir Dispenser set] @Summerfest '20maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beachwalk/126/125/23andika loisir Dispenserandika[loisir Dispenser set]dispenser-A andika[loisir Dispenser set]dispenser-Bandika[loisir Dispenser set]decorandi...

Dahlia – SF 2020 @Summerfest ’20

*HEXtraordinary* Baby Octopus Aquarium @Summerfest '20https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beachwalk/126/125/23Dahlia - SF 2020 @Summerfest '20   Dahlia - Nohea - Outdoor Lounger - Plumeria  - PG   Dahlia - Nohea - Table&nbsp...

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Backdrop: MINIMAL – Forever Backdrops Equal10 Event / Mainstore Mannequin: Fapple – Statue Mainstore Cage: Fapple – Cage Mainstore

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