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Standing Guard

To the forest elves, the age of 11 is like being a newborn. With a lifespan the stretches into the hundreds, a decade or two seem like nothing. But an 11 year old elf is more capable than most middle aged humans. Trained in archery, hand to hand combat, magic, and mysticism, they are formattable […]

Demonic Purity

They say we are evil, that we are children of darkness, that we are wicked. But we love, we thrive, we are strong. Put on your horns, put on your wings, and join us. Credit [Since1975] Horn Tiara available at Salem SEmotion Libellune Nightmare Bat LIMITED available at Salem Halo white. deseo obscuro by *May’s […]

Trying to be good…

trying to tell the truth, but in a world that’s turned to chaos, lies are easier to swallow. Trying to be a good boy, but in a world full of adults who hurt their kids, lies are easier to turn to. My favorite told me that if I was good, I could be real. That […]


I have conservative friends. I get long with conservatives. I don’t shy away from constructive debates. It’s another thing completely when you bully, mock, and show utter disregard for the lives of the historically underserved. Enough is enough, though. Saying Black Lives Matter should be one of the most benign things ever. BLM Gifts for […]

Growing Up!

I am so much older and mature this year, I eat the marshmallows AND the cereal bits! Getting myself up now and getting to school myself (my laptop in the living room). I even put away most of my bear, except for Quilty because…well he’s the best. Everyone is being so negative this year because, […]

One Last Taste of Summer

As of today, we only have one week of summer left. By now the beaches are getting chilly, but it’s still warm and sunny enough in the afternoon to enjoy a little ice cream on the boardwalk. 2020 has been a difficult year for a lot of people, and I doubt that it’s going get […]

Um…But Donuts are School Supplies

This has been a crazy and stressful RL week, but nothing makes me feel better than blogging something cute. Earlier this week I had to evacuate my home due to wildfires, but I am happy to say that I plan to return home tomorrow afternoon. I really love this outfit and I have been looking […]

“Back” to School Pictures – 6th Grade

Today the mailman brought me my school picture! We got to go into school one by one to get our school pictures taken, which was pretty school. The only good thing about going to school at home is we don’t need to wear our school uniforms. But we had to wear them for our pictures. […]

Trying to Keep My Eyes Open

This week has been so stressful, trying to get used to school completely online. I know we were doing school online before, but the teacher said that they were “going easy on us” and this is “for real.” What does that even mean? And to top it all off, now I’m switching to middle school. […]

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