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SciFi: November FashIcon Challenge

Flickr Post I really enjoyed putting this months FashIcon Challenge together. While I favor horror and fantasy over Science Fiction, … More

Little Shop of Horrors

So excited to be the lead for the first time ever! I’ve been a theatre kid since I would walk, … More

The Child Warrior

One out of eight. When we emerge from the pod, one is selected. I am The One. I am The … More

Your Guardian Demon

Some say you need an angel to watch over you. That it’s best to invite light into your heart, that … More

The Cursed Boy

Are you here to take me home? My mom’s been waiting for a very long time. Hello? Hello? It’s so … More

Is there something in my eye?

Miss Martin? Is there something in my eye? It feels like there’s something in my eye. Oh, it’s not a … More

Trying to Stay Sunny

FLICKR Trying to stay is not always easy when it rains 10 months out of the year where you live, … More

Halloween: FashIcon October Challenge

I am kind of floating on air right now, not because of the wings, but because my scores for the … More

The Blackeyed Children

The Blackeyed Children always come in pairs, always seem a little off, always ask if they can come in. In … More
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