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May I have this dance?

Flickr Post So much wish fulfillment today! Kids like me don’t normally get to be who they are at school … More

Dreamer Kid

I’ve always been a dreamer, so many ideas spinning around in my head. The only trouble is I have such … More

New Beginnings

This time of year, I always get excited about the new school year, the new possibilities, the new challenges. So … More

TweenStar: Finale

AriStar is over and I am a little sad, not because I didn’t win, but because this experience is ending. … More

TweenStar Look 4: Fabulously Free

I loved this challenge! It was a lot of fun, even though coming across good free clothing for Tweenster is … More

TweenStar Look 3: Anime Challenge

Anime: D. N. Angel Character: Daisuke Niwa Character Picture Anime Opening What can I say? I tried. Maybe I needed … More

TweenStar Look 2

Although I have already been officially accepted into the TweenStar competition as MR SL ♛ Forgotten Realms, I decided to … More

A Great Day for Kids!

I am so excited this has been released! Not only is Damien Wayne my favorite Robin, Damien Wayne is my … More

Coming to a Viewer Near You!

My SL brother Kioko really became my brother when we would collaborate on photos. We were good friends before, would … More