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The Cursed Boy

Are you here to take me home? My mom’s been waiting for a very long time. Hello? Hello? It’s so … More

Is there something in my eye?

Miss Martin? Is there something in my eye? It feels like there’s something in my eye. Oh, it’s not a … More

Trying to Stay Sunny

FLICKR Trying to stay is not always easy when it rains 10 months out of the year where you live, … More

Halloween: FashIcon October Challenge

I am kind of floating on air right now, not because of the wings, but because my scores for the … More

The Blackeyed Children

The Blackeyed Children always come in pairs, always seem a little off, always ask if they can come in. In … More

1. Area 51

They Can’t Stop All Of Us. – That one FB post Hello! This is my first post, and of course I had to do it Area 51 theme because.. IT’S TOMORROW! TOMORROW WE WILL PREVAIL! Heheheh, as you can see, I’m already there and waiting for everyone else. What am I wearing? Hair –  Chris […]

What is Blog Doel?

Hi guys! I’m Dylan, I’ve been using the body Tweenster since it was released in 2017! Over time I have learned how to put things together and use pieces that wouldn’t necessarily be fitted for Tweenster but still looks good! My blog is to help other tweens and to be a creative outlet for myself […]

May I have this dance?

Flickr Post So much wish fulfillment today! Kids like me don’t normally get to be who they are at school … More

Dreamer Kid

I’ve always been a dreamer, so many ideas spinning around in my head. The only trouble is I have such … More
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