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“Back” to School Pictures – 6th Grade

Today the mailman brought me my school picture! We got to go into school one by one to get our school pictures taken, which was pretty school. The only good thing about going to school at home is we don’t need to wear our school uniforms. But we had to wear them for our pictures. […]

Trying to Keep My Eyes Open

This week has been so stressful, trying to get used to school completely online. I know we were doing school online before, but the teacher said that they were “going easy on us” and this is “for real.” What does that even mean? And to top it all off, now I’m switching to middle school. […]

TweenStar Look 5: City Challenge

The city challenge was probably my least favorite of all 6 challenges we were given. It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s more that I couldn’t really do everything that I wanted to with the look. My first instinct was to do a harajuku look, but I just felt like I couldn’t have done […]

TweenStar Look 4: Title Challenge

This was the fourth look for TweenStar, and by far my favorite look to put together. However, getting a blazer with a t-shirt and shorts was pretty difficult, so I had to get creative. I hid the waist line of the baggy shorts full perm and alpha blended it with the top parts of the […]

TweenStar Look 6: Formal

TweenStar/AviStar concluded yesterday after a six hour event, and I am thrilled to stay that I won this year. This year was so much fun and I’ve come away with a couple of new friends. The cherry on top was scoring the highest among all the competitors, in YoungStar and AviStar as well. Kid avatars […]

TweenStar Look 2: ParaNorman Cosplay

The first runway for TweenStar was to stylize an anime or cartoon character. I am not the biggest anime fan, and most of the TV shows I enjoy would have been either too hard to stylize due to limited mesh (Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender) or not human enough (Beast Boy/Garfield from Young Justice). […]

TweenStar Look 3: Olympics

I am going a little out of order here because I have to complete my photo challenge based on Look 2, so I’ll post the Olympic challenge today. This morning I walked my third look for TweenStar 2020. The Olympics were postponed to 2021, but it was a lot of fun to think about creating […]

Dancing with Myself

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Movie Night with Friends – Part 2

Never watch a scary movie alone! I’ve been getting ready for the next TweenStar challenge and rewatched my favorite “scary” kids movie as inspiration. I’ve been looking forward to the next runway, but it’s also kept me pretty busy. I finished my styling card and submitted my photos this morning, so i felt like doing […]
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