I got nominated for the an ugly sweater challenge by Chase Parthicus. He’s really talented and does a really good job setting up his photos. He’s got a really good sense of humor, which really comes through his shots. I’m still thinking about how much I need to slow down and work harder on setting […]

Noche Buena

BACKDROPGolden Xmas Room *RARE* - Noche Buena - The Bearded GuySTORETHE BEARDED GUYhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonwall/123/122/32AVIABLE IN http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/UniK/188/127/30---CLOTHECubura x-mas RomperGACHASTORECUBUR...
I know I am not the best photographer and photo editor. I know I need to get better at setting up my shots in world, as well as editing them afterwards. When I first started blogging and posting my photos from SL, I only did raw photography. I also never set out to do this […]
Credits {BP} Ugly Christmas Sweater for Tweenster – Gingerbread Man by Bossy Pants available at Big Dreams EventCapris for Tweenster by MeshmerizedCandy Canes by Junk FoodARGRACE Santa Hat / GINGA Hair – Group GiftPhoto taken at Win...

Weekend Trip!

Credits Suspender Outfit Pink/White for Tweenster by TonyTram H0419 HairPhoto taken at Backdrop City
It’s not fair. Five days! Five days of freedom. Of Nexflix and video games. Of waffles for dinner and popcorn for breakfast. How do they expect me to go back to school after that? I mean, maybe just for a day to get it back into my system. Maybe gradually add another day a week […]
To my knowledge, Klarion the Witch Boy is the only recurring child supervillain in either DC or Marvel comics, so he’s really on of my favorites. I am sure there are more here and there, but Klarion has seen a lot of attention, appearing on Young Justice, Batman the Animated series, and Justice League Action. […]

Bright Nights

Who needs gloves when we’ve got hot chocolate? Who needs the sun when we’ve these string lights everywhere? One thing I love about this time of year, is how beautiful the nights can be. That and the simple pleasures of warming your hands on hot chocolate or coffee in a paper cup. Credits INSPIRE Boy’s […]


 Cubura Bandana Cover       SIGNTATURE- BELLEZA-LEGACY-VTECH Mainstore  CUBURA: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pure%20Love/126/115/23----Salgo acicaláde pies a topeporque puede ser que con el culo mío te t...