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40 whacks with a pool noodle

Sponsored Items ZWEAR – Unisex Swim Shorts for Tweenster – Plain ColorsWetlook for Tweenster by Syrup Boy Credits Noodle Holdy (Kid) – Breaux Willow avaliable at the Summer Camp EventTowel – Tweenster by Dolly Dayd...

Cosplay: Pit from Kid Icarus

What can I say, Pit is one of my favorite video game characters, but certainly not from the original Kid Icarus game. I tried playing it on my 3DS and it was unbearable. Kid Icarus: Uprising, however, so unbelievable delightful. It’s no surprise why Pit and his clone Dark Pit have both been added to […]

Got it!

The best thing about being a kid, so you can have fun anywhere. It’s hard being alone so much these days, but you can make anything into a game. Just shooting down the bubbles can be super fun. I hope you are all coping well during these times and managing to have a little fun […]

Bring the beach home!

When you can bring Arti to the beach, bring the beach to Arti! I’ve been really depressed lately, so I decided to make my balcony look like a private beach! It’s much harder to stay sad when you crank up the bubble machine. I still remember when my SL mom said, “When are we even […]

I’m not sure if I show up in photos…

Hey, they’re not all true you know. I, for one, love garlic bread. Garlic knots are even better! While holy water does make my skin sizzle, crucifixes do nothing. I burst into flames if I get catch in daybreak, but I can totally come in without being invited. Don’t believe everything you hear… Credits Glazed […]


CORSETCubura Renee CorsetSTRORECUBURA---------------Lumi - Black Vibes - The Bearded GuyTHE BEARDED GUYAVIABLE BLACK FAIR

It’s Taco Day!

Why limit yourself to Tuesday for tacos when any day could be taco day. In real life I live close to a very popular beach with some of the best food in the state. One of my favorite things to get when I am feeling down or depressed is tacos! They always seem to bring […]

There are no evil races

It’s really cool to see Wizards of the Coast, publishers of Dungeons and Dragons, update the way they portray typically “evil” races in the game. Having inherently evil races stems from RL racism and is, to honest, lazy storytelling and DMing. Orcs and Drow are almost always portrayed as evil. Although, the whole alignment system […]

Hey, Kid! Gonna Share That Donut?!

I am sure he just wanted a little nibble. Sponsored Items [KD] BEACH TANK for TWEENSTER Credits Tweenster Body by Meshmerzied Donut Float – White by Acid Rain = REBELLION = “DOMINATOR” AVIATORS Just Drake Shortz CF-7B for Tweenster +T Trekking Sandals for Tweenster by Liva JIAN :: Great White Shark (Static – C up […]
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