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safe me from the dark

Linkin Park / Evanescence / Lana Del Rey – Bring Death To Life „(Wake me up) wake me up inside (I can’t wake up) wake me up inside (Save me) call my name and save me from the dark (Wake me up) bid my blood to run (I can’t wake up) before I come undone […]

I gotta die first

In My Darkest Hour – Megadeth „I walk, I walk alone Into the promised land There’s a better place for me But it’s far, far away Everlasting life for me In a perfect world But I gotta die first Please, God, send me on my way Time has a way of taking time Loneliness is […]

I’m drowning

Two Feet – I Feel Like I’m Drowning „I feel like I’m drowning I’m drowning You’re holding me down and Holding me down You’re killing me slow So slow, oh-no I feel like I’m drowning I’m drowning“ ***** FALLEN GODS – CONTEST PHOTO *****VOTE FOR THIS PICTURE PLEASE! Come to the Fallen Gods Mainstore and […]

You know I’m utterly mad

Neuroticfish – They’re Coming To Take Me Away „You thought it was a joke And so you laughed You laughed when I said That losing you would make me flip my lid Right? You know you laughed I heard you laugh, you laughed You laughed and laughed and then you left But now you know […]

Oh Lord, won’t you please hear me?

In This Moment – „Oh Lord“ „Oh Lord, won’t you save me Save me from my soul? Oh Lord, won’t you forgive me? For I have lost control Oh Lord, won’t you tell me Am I the righteous or the damned? Oh Lord, won’t you please hear me? Do I obey or do I command? […]

I’ve seen your face before

In This Moment – In The Air Tonight „Well, if you told me you were drowning I would not lend a hand I’ve seen your face before my friend But I don’t know if you know who I am Well, I was there and I saw what you did I saw it with my own […]

What is free, what does it do?

The Hu – Yuve Yuve YU „Их л удаан идэж уугаад наргиж цэнгээд хачин юм бэ юу вэ юу вэ юув Эцэг өвгөд Монгол гээд л цээжээ дэлдэн худлаа орилох нь юу вэ юу вэ юув Эргэж буцаад хэлсэн үгэндээ эзэн болдоггүй андгай өргөдөг нь юу вэ юу вэ юув Эцэг эхийн захиж хэлсэн үнэт […]

Under my Skin

TAEMIN – Under My Skin „Every time I Remember someone who left me I feel like I only have a dark side in me „Am I getting any better?“ I talk to myself in the mirror Then I hear the snicker echoing Deep in my eardrums So now I take your hand When I touch […]


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