Toshiya Sato


♪ Chantaje ♪

SCENARIOK&S - // Edge of town. Backdrop @kustom9by VitorPose: SINCHI - Takeo Collection @POSEEVENTJacket: Codex JACKET W/SHIRT DANIEL @ManCave eventGlasses: BONDI . The Idol Glasses @ACCESSTattoo Body: ....

♪ Titanium ♪

by VitorPose: SINCHI x GRAVEYARD Basketball @TMDTattoo Body and Head: THIS IS WRONG Lost Soul shine+tattoo @Access (Available from January 12th)Ear R: L'Emporio&PL  ::*My K-Pop Style*::Earring 03-R-...

♪ Sucker for Pain ♪

 @mainframe eventSCENARIO[WASD] The Forge @mainframe eventby VitorGlasses: ENRAGE - glasses - Cori (unisex) @mainframe eventMask: [The Forge] Axiom Gasmask @ACCESSBack: [LANEVO] MANEATER MACHINE @mainframe eventT...

♪ Helium ♪

 by VitorGlasses: -Moncada Paris- Gianni Eyewear @ACCESSShirt: -ODIREN-  Damon ShirtPants: Legal Insanity - Devin denims yaleHairStyle: WINGS-HAIR-TZ0906 Brown (Pack)Head: Lelutka Alain 2.5

♪ Latch ♪

SCENARIOK&S - // SLC. Backdrop by VitorPose: SINCHI - Jayson Collection 3 @Orsy Event Glasses: -Moncada Paris- Ciaga Eyewear FatpackTattoo Body and Head: THIS IS WRONG Lost Soul shine+tattoo @Access (Availabl...

♪ Never Say Goodbye ♪

by VitorArm R: Codex - MEHEN SEPTUM NOSE CHAINPose: K&S - Get lost in you // Bento poseRings hand R: ROZOREGALIA_BOUHACHI*RING(Kabuki)Head: Lelutka Alain 2.5

♪ Call Me Devil ♪

 by VitorPose: SINCHI - Victor 3 (Static)Tongue: [] Orochi TongueEyes: L'Emporio&PL ::*Athan*:: Mesh Ears w. PiercingsHorns: Codex HORN MALPHAS @Man Cave EventAccessory Hand R: [Dead...

♪ In My Blood ♪

by Vitor[amc] TR 250 - Fatpack @Man Cave EventPose: SINCHI - Noah 3 (Static)Hat: BONDI . The Idol Leather Cap @FaMESHedSuit: toksik - Remnant Uniform TopPants: toksik - Remnant Pants Boots: toksik&...

♪ Reality ♪

 SCENARIO.:Joplino:. Backdrop GGEZby Vitor Shirt: amias TIEN hoody @MOM EventAccessory Head: BONDI . Party Headphones . Blue @Cosmopolitan EventHead: Lelutka Alain 2.5