Where The Fence Is Low

One foot on the ledge And I’m feeling for safety Somewhere between sure And I don’t know, maybe Credits Atropos Shirt by AsteroidBox Syrio Men’s Leggings (Occult Pack) by RIOT Essentia by L’Emporio&PL (The Men Jail) (October 8th – 28th) ScarBloodBlush by UbS (The Men Jail) (October 8th – 28th) Hair:  Juno by Letituier (The Men Jail) (October 8th… Continue reading Where The Fence Is Low

Golden Hour

You’re my golden hour The color of my sky You’ve set my world on fire And I know, I know everything’s gonna be alright Credits Jasper Sweater by RIOT (FaMESHed) (October 1st – 27th) Jade Shorts by Cubura (Man Cave) (October 17th – November 11th) Popsicle:  Many Eyes (Popsicle Rain gacha) by 220ml (The Arcade) (October 6th – 31st)… Continue reading Golden Hour


A situation’s taken over me Can’t you see I’m in trouble? Infatuation’s got a hold on me A little jealously I’m not myself at all Credits Hat / Jacket / Briefs:  SADO by CHEERNO (The Men Jail) (October 8th – 28th) Pose by MOTIV8 (The Men Jail) (October 8th – 28th) Backdrop:  Las Torres (Moments Noirs Gacha)… Continue reading Illusion


I questioned the words of the sign up above Abandon all hope and abandon all love Credits rusk vest and blouse by BOYS TO THE BONE (Collabor88) (October 8th – November 6th) mancunian pants by BOYS TO THE BONE Glasses and Rings by VoluptasVirtualis (Vesper Gacha) (The Seasons Story) (October 10th – November 2nd) Hair:  Will by Sintiklia… Continue reading Abandon

Hanging Around

I wonder what it’s like seeing through your eyes You’ve offered me to have a try but I was always late Credits Mikey Crop Tee by 4BIDDEN (The Men Jail) (October 8th – 28th) Fishnet Tights by CinChio Huvud Jeans by BOYS TO THE BONE L’Aveugle Glasses by MONCADA Peace Bracelet by Kibitz Saber Rings by Cubura Septum piercing: Double… Continue reading Hanging Around

The Other Side

So trade that typical for something colorful And if it’s crazy, live a little crazy You can play it sensible, a king of conventional Or you can risk it all and see   Credits libre hair+mask by FAKEICON (Featuring BOYS TO THE BONE) (Equal10) (October 10th – November 10th) Shin Harness by Radix (FaMESHedX) (October 10th –… Continue reading The Other Side


I’m getting very into the Halloween spirit this year.  I have done a lot of decorating in SL and I love it.  Check out this awesome set by Cubura.  It is currently at Salem.  It’s perfect to spook up any room. Credits Plokhov Outfit by David Heather (Equal10) (October 10th – November 10th) Horny Skull Ring… Continue reading Boo!

Time To Sleep

The soles of your shoes are all worn down The time for sleep is now It’s nothing to cry about Cause we’ll hold each other soon The blackest of rooms Credits Crop Shirt / Boxers / Pillow:  Halloween Set by Cubura (The Arcade) (October 6th – 31st) Domyo Belly Piercing by FAKEICON Septum piercing: Double Stud Septum… Continue reading Time To Sleep


I have such a good robo pooch.  He sits on command.  It helps that I have the remote 😉  Pick up your own at Neo Japan! Credits Shirt / Bag / Pants / Shoes:  Emm Outfit by David Heather (The Mens Dept) (October 5th – 31st) Eyes:  Yako Collection by Gloom (NEO JAPAN) (September 28th – October 20th) Cyber… Continue reading Sit!
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