Marcus Lefevre-Enimo

Twice a year it's time for the much loved NEO-Japan SL event and as we appreciate your support for the event and GABRIEL we have released the Cyber Yasha Gacha for you, an outfit to represent the spirit of the NEO-Japan SL event. You can play for the Roro Pants with integrated Cyborg leg, the
If you are looking for some cool clothing that sits comfortable you will find it with the Sweattop and Harem Pants from GABRIEL at the The Men's Department event's March '21 round. You can choose between 4 colors, blue, black, white and creme for both, the Sweattop and the Harem Pants. The underwear color can
The future is here and with the Cybernetics Gacha from GABRIEL at the Cyber Fair 2021 event you are part of the force in the future. The Cybernetics Gacha has Pants, Boots, Back Engine and Power Arm for play and the Cybernetics Jacket is the rare item, which comes with 4 colors included. All items
Arrr... the rebels of the sea have boarded the ship! Join the crew with GABRIEL's Pirates Set in detailed steampunk style, now available at the 4th round of the Engine Room event. The Pirate Set is a full outfit, the Waist & Body belt and the Hat are separate items. The outfit and the belt
It's weekend and this means it's Fifty Linden Friday and that you can get a very cool jacket for your outing in Second Life, for just L$50! Get the Layered Denim Jacket at the GABRIEL Mainstore, each of the three available colors for L$50 only. Each jacket has also includes a HUD to change the
GABRIEL has a very divine new release for you at the Kagami 2021 event, inspired by Japanese Buddhism! In the mythology all divine devours evil and with the Karura Gacha from GABRIEL you can feel and immerse in the Japanese spirits . The top of the outfit is the rare in the gacha and comes
What's sweeter than chocolate and longer lasting than flowers? The newly released Initials Necklace from GABRIEL at this year's Cupid Inc. event! The necklace comes in silver, gold and black, is rigged for the Signature Gianni and Gerald, the Belleza Jake and the Legacy mesh bodies and you can change the tag to any letter
For the February '21 round of the Equal10 event we're moving closer to the upcoming spring with the newest release by GABRIEL, the 2021 version of our open shirt available in black, dark olive, blue, beige and white and compatible with Signature Gianni and Geralt, Belleza Jake and the Legacy mesh bodies. Every shirt comes
Looking cool and cozy at the same same time is always hard in Winter, but not if you check out the GABRIEL booth at The Men Department's February '21 round.  The Offshoulder fur 2021 is perfect for the last remaining Winter days giving you the cozy warmth around your body while you can feel a