Luka Requiem


I wait to face the demons I’m bonded to Because they’re chasing me but I’m part of you .Hair: *Dura B97HAIR- White – NEO-JAPAN  .Eyes:  Gloom. – Yako Collection – Black & White – NEO-JAPAN .Ears: Mandala – Steking .Headgear: ::GB::  Neo Headgear Blue & White – NEO-JAPAN .Boa: [ContraptioN] Lightbender Boa .Collar:  :::SOLE:::  TIME RIFTER Collar (Black) – NEO-JAPAN .Backpack:   :::SOLE::: TIME RIFTER Backpack […]

.Fancy Toys.

You replace ‘em when you break ‘em like they’re fancy toys Silver spoon and golden coins You do not have friends you just have fancy toys .Hair: Tableau Vivant \ \\ Valentine [M] .Monocle: Bauhaus Movement  – Liquid Transmission / Monocle – Neo Japan .Coat: Hotdog – Futuristic lab coat  – Neo Japan .Pants: tomoto – Slim Pants .Shoes: {-Maru Kado-} Tabi boots […]


Hush Hush Lose your inhibitions I’ll let you in on my dark side Show you what hell really feels like .Hair: Moon. Hair. // Barracuda .Eyes: Gloom. – Yako Collection – Red – NEO-JAPAN  (9/28/2019) .Mask: Insomnia Angel – No2 Unlife  – NEO-JAPAN  (9/28/2019) .Scars:  [TWC]- // Ares Scars – The Mens Dept .Upper Arm: L’Emporio&PL : Bushido Outfit – NEO-JAPAN  (9/28/2019) .Forearm: L’Emporio&PL : Bushido Outfit – NEO-JAPAN  (9/28/2019) .Kimono: L’Emporio&PL : Bushido Outfit – NEO-JAPAN  (9/28/2019) […]


Every day is a tragedy, I don’t wanna to be this way I hope it’s quiet when I’m dead. .Hair:*Dura-H1- Hair Piece (For Grabiel Hoodie) .Eyes: Gloom. – Hikikomori Collection – Amber .Scars:  [TWC]- // Ares Scars – The Mens Dept .Hood: C L A Vv. Grimmm – Grimm Hood – Black  – Kustom9 .Chain: C L A Vv. Grimmm – Soul Bag – […]

.Devil’s Den.

Down drowning in my hell, pray Lost myself, trapped inside the devils den .Hair. Raven Bell – Oni Hair [Solids] – Okinawa Summer Festival .Eyes: [ Conviction ] Bashed Eyes .Ears: [CX] Ostium Impaler .Collar: ::GB::  Long chain collar .Cape: CURELESS REDLABEL / Donatien Manteau  – Romp .Mask: {-Maru Kado-} MC Mask_SKULL (green) .Rings: [CX]Conjuration – Onyx / Rings .Claws: [CX] Shredder Claws .Arm Cover:  [CX] Lance Bracers […]


I was born of the ice and snow With the winter wolves, in the dark alone .Hair: Tableau Vivant \ \\ Valentine [M] .Eyes:  Gloom. – Hikikomori Collection – Amber .Ears: [CX] Ostium Impaler .Mask: [ContraptioN]  Masks: Canine Spirit .Rings/Claws: [CX]Conjuration – Onyx / Rings .Collar: ::GB::  Long chain collar  – Dubai Event .Pants: ::GB::  Short length pants .Wings:  [M.O.R] AVIA : WINGS […]

.Electric Echo.

. . . .Hair: Tableau Vivant \\   Dreadndy hair – The Epiphany .Eyes: Gloom. – Death Collection – White – Cyber Punk Fair .Ears: Mandala – Steking .Mech Eye:  [ContraptioN] Atreus-02 Eye .Tattoo: [TWC]- //Dark – Eclipse .Mask: Insomnia Angel – Cyber Kitsune Mask- Cyber Punk Fair .Tentacles:  [CX] Sentinel Tentacles .Claws: [CX] Conjuration Set – Eclipse .Arms:  [ContraptioN]  SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arms .Arm Band: ::GB::  Cyber Band – Cyber Punk Fair .Harness: […]


. . . .Avatar: [KZK] Direwolf Large .Skin: .:C:. KZK Direwolf – Okami Inspired Mod .Shiba: JIAN Silly Shibes II – Adult Companion RARE – The Epiphany 22769 at  The Epiphany 22769 – Garden Platform – RARE 22769 – Cherry Blossom Tree – COMMON 22769 – Tori – COMMON .TeaBunny. Blushing Petals – Pinku {anc} “harugasumi” SAKURAtree {aii}  […]


Assessing the Asset Assignment .Hair: Tableau Vivant \\   Razis Hairpiece .Hairbase:  AITUI – Beauty & Pain .Ears: Mandala – Steking .Eyes: Gloom. – Hikikomori Collection – Albino (Catwa) – NEO-JAPAN  .Mask: ANTINATURAL[+] Deathracer Mask – Black .Collar: :::SOLE::: GRPE – Collar – NEO-JAPAN  .Harness: :::SOLE::: GRPE – Harness – NEO-JAPAN  .Belt: :::SOLE::: GRPE – Belt – NEO-JAPAN  .Arms: [ContraptioN]  SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arms .Legs: [ContraptioN]  SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Legs – NEO-JAPAN  .Bodysuit: ANTINATURAL[+] Deathracer / Secondskin Suit – Lootbox .Sword: ::GB:: Light Sword .Trashcan: VARONIS – […]