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Legal Insanity - Chase studded jeansLocation: Access EventIDTTY Body Shop - Broken PromiseLocation: Hipster Men Legal Insanity - Dylan tank top dirty&cleanLocation: Legal InsanityHCXII - [...]

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FashionNatic - LEON JEANS PANTSFashionNatic - LEON SHIRT WITH TOP w/o HANDS Location: Man Cave Event Vango. ErickLocation: VangoVolkstone Jeremy Bento BeardLocation: Volkstone

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::GB:: Kasane Haori::GB:: Leather Samui::GB:: Kasane Haori::GB:: Geta boots (Gift)Location: Okinawa Winter/ New Year Festival::GB:: Inori backdropLocation: Gabriel

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FashionNatic - WILLIAM JACKET WITH SHIRT Location: Man CaveVolkstone Brandon Mesh BeardLocation: Man CaveFashionnatic Durden Strapped PantsLocation: Fashionnatic